Emigrating to Australia from China? – What You Need to Know Why?

Sydney Australia

More and more Chinese people are migrating. The relative wealth that exists in the country means that people are looking to take their lives elsewhere. Whilst North America tends to be the most popular destination to emigrate to, a large number of Chinese citizens have taken the shorter trip to Australia. It offers a similarly Western culture with a favourable climate and there is a large number of Chinese migrants already living there. …[Read More]

Crazy Housewives?

An Award-winning TV-serie Desperate Housewives has been on air by CCTV, the national official TV station of China,since December 19. It’s quite queer that CCTV translated the title as “Crazy Housewives”. It’s reasonable to believe they just want to be politically correct. The goverment would rather to see his people CRAZY than Desperate.

Where art thou,Neo?

Neo is blind!
Is Neo blind?
I find Neo is blind.
Who am I?
Neo is who?

When Neo became blind?
Can blind Neo find me?
So I am Morphis.
Who is Morphis?
Does he see Neo blind?

Maybe we are all blind?
Are we all blind?
When blind can we see Neo
Maybe Neo doesn’t exist.
What do you mean to say “exist”?

What a good question!
A question octopuses never care!