China closed all the unregistered web sites

Many Chinese web sites have been closed since December 19. According a law enforced in Feburary this year, every sites hosted in mainland China, have to be registered in Ministry of Information Industry (MII). Any breach of this law would be punished severely. Even the Chinese mirror site of Intel ( was closed for several hours (screen shot here). ISPs in China warned their clients, if they don’t register now, a permanent closure of their sites and RMB10,000($1,200) fine will be enforced in near future.

Crazy Housewives?

An Award-winning TV-serie Desperate Housewives has been on air by CCTV, the national official TV station of China,since December 19. It’s quite queer that CCTV translated the title as “Crazy Housewives”. It’s reasonable to believe they just want to be politically correct. The goverment would rather to see his people CRAZY than Desperate.

Where art thou,Neo?

Neo is blind!
Is Neo blind?
I find Neo is blind.
Who am I?
Neo is who?

When Neo became blind?
Can blind Neo find me?
So I am Morphis.
Who is Morphis?
Does he see Neo blind?

Maybe we are all blind?
Are we all blind?
When blind can we see Neo
Maybe Neo doesn’t exist.
What do you mean to say “exist”?

What a good question!
A question octopuses never care!

Chinese bloggers shoot their own movie

A group of Chinese bloggers including Wang Xiaofeng,the winner of “the best Chinese blog” and Pingke and Flypig, the winners of “the best podcasting”awarded by “”, now are shooting an independent movie “A DAY’S NIGHT” by themselves. They act as Chinese policemen and a suspect in the movie. That would be very interesting.